Broken Glass

How To Save Money On Your New Cell Phone

I am a longtime family member of a Verizon family cell phone plan. In the past it was less expensive to be in a family plan rather than pay for individual plans, and free phone upgrades were included every two years. After discovering that phone upgrades were no longer included in the plan, I held on to my Motorola Droid Mini cell phone for 4 years before damaging my phone beyond repair. My goal was to save money on my new phone. Therefore, I wanted to find a phone that was less expensive than their cheapest option. Read more “How To Save Money On Your New Cell Phone”

Children playing with constant television background noise

Children and Television Background Noise

My recent post discussed the objections which the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has regarding TV watching experience for infants and children. I shared my personal perspective which sided with the AAP. Feedback from the post has inspired me to continue researching the topic with a focus on non-direct television exposure (TV background noise). This article will summarize a few research studies as well some additional thoughts and perspectives on the topic. Read more “Children and Television Background Noise”