Identify Racism and Strive to Be Antiracist

In early 2020, I was motivated to dive back into the news, social media, and much of the happenings of civilization. After three years of trying to ignore a president promoting racism and bigotry, I had an urge to gain a better understanding of our political system. Covid-19 also brought several new challenges to the table. And then a racist member of the Minnesota Police Department brutally murdered George Floyd.

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Bike on a Trail

How to Overcome the Fear of Guilt

As Lorean and I are raising our daughter Madelyn, the choices we make for her seem to be non-stop. With my ties to psychology and obsessions with neurological development, I am known to overthink decisions every once in a while. Okay, I overthink things all the time according to Lorean as well as reality. We are doing our best to provide a loving environment. We are doing our best to help our daughter maintain her sense of peace while experiencing the world around her. Decisions including:

Food: times, temperatures, quantities, introductions, allergies, etc. Read more “How to Overcome the Fear of Guilt”

Children Watching Television

Concerns and Research on Children Television Time

Infants and children seem to love watching the television, and many adults love seeing their kids watch TV as well. After my daughter was born, I searched for some articles clarifying the impact which television sights and sounds have on young children. Our families, friends, co-workers, and even the random lady at the grocery store have advice about TV time (and pretty much any topic), and advice from one person to the next is frequently contradictory. Fortunately, there is plenty of research describing the implications of increased amounts of television exposure. Read more “Children Watching Television”